Culver Meadows Adult Foster Care Inc.

Our Services

Northern Michigan Assisted Living Facility

24 hour awake staff

Culver Meadows provides 24 hour awake trained and caring staff to see every residents wants and needs.

Hospice Care

Culver Meadows provides families and their loved one(s) the care and support their loved one(s) need during this difficult time, we treat everyone as if they are our own family.

On Site Owners

Brad, Trina and their children (Connor and Kara) live on site (upstairs) and are usually available at all times for any question or concerns from families, residents or staff.

Alzheimers and Dementia Care

Culver Meadows supports our local Alzheimers Association and get frequent information from the association. Culver Meadows provides a full range of care for people with and without alzheimers or dementia. We provide all levels of care from assisted to advanced stages of alzheimers and dementia to end of life care.

Home Cooked Meals

Home Cooked Meals

Culver Meadows provides nutritious home cooked meals seven days a week.

Exterior Door Alarms

All exterior doors have alarms on them to monitor if any resident is trying to leave when they shouldn't. This assures nobody just wanders off.

All Levels Of Care

Culver Meadows provides all levels of care from assisted living to alzheimers and dementia to end of life care (hospice).

Qualified Staff

All staff of Culver Meadows are qualified to provide the care you loved one(s) need. Some training is provided through information Trina receives through various training seminars, other training is what each individual has received prior to Culver Meadows.

Traverse City Adult Foster Care

Fenced-in Yard

Culver Meadows yard is completely fenced in so resident can go outside on nice days and enjoy the weather. Their is always a staff member or family member with the resident(s) when they are outside.

Cable TV

Cable TV is included with care rate price no hidden charges. Phone hook-ups are available for every room but that is the responsibility of the resident or the residents family.


All laundry is done on site and there is no extra charge for laundry services. Dry cleaning if necessary is done off site and there is a charge for that.

In Home Doctors

In- Home Mobile doctors make monthly visits and more if needed. Most Insurances pay for this service, Culver Meadows does not cover doctor expenses. Foot doctor makes visits in-home every six to eights weeks, sooner if needed. Most insurances pay for this service, Culver Meadows does not cover doctor expenses. Physical Therapists come to Culver Meadows and does doctor ordered physical therapy when needed.

Daily Activities

We have fun and interesting activities that are offered daily.